Teachers Shared The Most Ridiculous In-Classroom Experience They’ve Ever Had And OH BOY

The Dangerous Demo:

“I was encouraging my melodic performance center class how to fit outfits and was utilizing a young lady named Mattie as my model. I wasn’t giving that much consideration (and remember, I was simply taking a shot at an extravagant body structure before class). I was giving a demo on sticking them, where to stick, and how to sew over the pins. All of a sudden the class begins shouting and Mattie breakdown. Turns out, I HAD BEEN STICKING 1.5″ PINS INTO THIS LITTLE GIRL THE WHOLE TIME. She go out in agony and at seeing her very own blood. I was humiliated. I felt so terrible. Right up ’til the present time I wonder why NOBODY SAID ANYTHING?”

  1. The Uncensored Accident:

“When I was understudy instructing in school, I showed a unit on the Suffrage Movement in the US. One Friday close to a break, I demonstrated the film Iron Jawed Angels. I had never seen the scene where Hillary Swank’s character jerked off in a bath until I was among a class brimming with 16/17-year-old understudies. To make an already difficult situation even worse, I had an unexpected assessment from my director that day.”

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