Pictured: Sho cking moment polar bear at tacks woman who climbed into zoo enclosure

This is the ter’rifying minute a lady was [email protected] by a polar bear in the wake of hopping into its zoo fenced in area.

The 32-year-old jumped over bars at Berlin Zoo amid the bears’ nourishing time yesterday.

Regardless of six zookeepers’ endeavors to divert the four predators kept in the nook, the lady was bit’ten a few times on her arms and legs.

The daring attendants in the long run figured out how to push the bear away and pull the lady to wellbeing.

She was nibbled by one of the four more seasoned polar bears in the fenced in area and not by the acclaimed Knut, who surprised Germany as a whelp after he was hand-raised by a manager.

It isn’t known why the lady pulled the hazardous trick however she at first had all the earmarks of being elated as she swam towards a bear in the walled in area.

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